Honda S2000 CR

The Honda S2000 CR brings no improvement at it’s 2.2 liter, 237 horsepower engine, but mostly to the suspension and aerodynamics, along with body stiffening and cockpit. It’s stability is ensured by it’s front bumper with it’s thick spoiler, that reduces the lift and lowers the underbody pressure.

The car uses the latest technologies to make it as much aerodynamic as possible, with twin fairings, wind tunnels and brace bridges on the vacant roof. Honda S2000 CR’s steering has been hastened to 13.8:1 from 14.9:1 for increased rigidity and it uses Bridgestone Potenz RE070 tires.

It sports a six-speed manual gearbox, with rear wheel drive and it’s priced at about $38,000, consuming from 18 to 25mpg.


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