1960 Mercedes 300 SL Roadster Sold for €405,000 after Sitting in a Greek Garage for 37 Years!

It seems like the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL of the 1960s was a car that wasn't appreciated as much as it should at its time. After the lightweight special edition that was sold after sitting in a Santa Monica garage for 40 years, another example of Stuttgart’s iconic sports car surfaced, this time in the Greek city of Piraeus.

The model in question is a 1960 300 SL Roadster with an original hard-top, which was rare at the time since most open-top models were sold with the fabric roof.

The 240HP 3.0-liter inline-six-powered Mercedes car belonged to Greek racecar fan Criton Dilaveris who bought it second hand a few years after it was built. Mr Dilaveris died of old age in 1972 and since he left no heirs, all his property along with the car ended up to the city.

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