Watch an Aston Martin Rapide Crash Filmed from the Inside

Most people tend to freak out after an accident with their cars even if there are no fatalities or injuries, but not Mr. Roberto Ricci, who had the misfortune of wrecking his prized Aston Martin Rapide sports saloon during a joy ride.

If you see Ricci's super cool reaction after the crash, you'd think that the Rapide suffered only a few minor scratches, when reality is that the car was brutally bashed / borderline repairable write-off.

The incident occurred in late July when Ricci, who is the founder and owner of RRD, makers of surfboards, windsurfs, sails and kites, took Dave White, editor of Mpora, for a quick ride in his Rapide after a guided tour of his company's facilities in Italy.

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