Four-door, Notchback Ford Verve Concept Unveiled in Guangzhou

Today, at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, Ford revealed a four-door, notchback Verve concept and it looks great. It’s back seems to be inspired from the Ford Mondeo, that’s also a lovely car and at least it looks better than the 4-door Mazda 2 also presented today. But Ford isn’t stopping here, as they announced to unveil a new Verve concept at the Detroit Auto Show, in January 2008.

For Europeans and Asiatics, now those Verve concepts represent Ford’s best cars, especially on the design part, following Mondeo’s success. Phil Spender, Chief Operation Officer of Ford Motor stated that the cars will be designed in Europe, engineered in Germany and manufactured world wide. This make me, at least, be confident they will produce good looking cars, very reliable and affordable. But what would you want more than that ?


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