Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Thrustmaster Unleashes Authentic Replica of Ferrari F1 Wheel

It's been a good few years for racing game enthusiasts. And we say that both in terms of software with the release of games like the Gran Turismo 5, as well as hardware with choices ranging from the low cost Logitech G27, the mid-priced Fanatec Porsche wheels and Clubsport pedals, to the upper-end Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel / pedal combo and TH8 RS gated gearbox.

Now Thrustmaster, which has been on a product roll lately, has announced a new authentic replica of the Ferrari F1 steering wheel found inside the cockpit of the 150 Italia racecar. The life-size wheel is not a stand-alone item but a removable add-on designed to attach to the T500 RS base.

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